Schick 33 Digital Sensors


We gain an unprecedented level of resolution and control over digital images with Schick 33 digital x-ray sensors. Featuring the industry's highest theoretical resolution, it changes the way we see your image.

Schick Intraoral Camera


Your doctor will regularly use our Schick intraoral camera to project images and video onto your TV monitor. We'll show you what we see and walk you through your options. 

High-quality LED lights provide outstanding image clarity and color while an increased focal range results in clear, crisp images for extreme close ups as well as full-arch.

Digital Imaging


The intraoral X-ray unit Heliodent Plus offers outstanding image quality and optimum diagnostic reliability thanks to high-resolution images. Our Sirona digital imaging units capture high quality images at the lowest dose of radiation.

Panoramic Digital Imaging


Our Sirona panoramic digital imaging unit provides us with one image encompassing your entire jaw. The benefits are obvious: lower radiation exposure and more brilliant images.

Regular X-Rays


Schick 33 Digital Images