In Office Teeth Whitening


Whiter teeth in just 60 minutes. 

Pola's unique formulation dissolves and releases the active whitening ingredient immediately to initiate the whitening process. By breaking down and releasing the peroxide ions fast, Pola's whitening process is triggered and does not require UV light therapy to accelerate the process. Polaoffice+ contains the fastest bleach available to safely whiten teeth in 60 minutes at a neutral pH to protect your teeth and gums.

Polaoffice+ is 33% faster than other dentist only whitening products available.

Polaoffice+ is designed to protect your sensitive dental nerves and nerve endings with Pola Desensitising Technology (PDT). The combination of neutral pH and PDT reduces the likelihood of gum irritation, burning, pain or long term gum damage.  Prior to whitening with Polaoffice+, a gingival barrier is applied to protect gums.

Polaoffice+ requires 1 x 60 minute visit to achieve whiter teeth. The ease and convenience of Polaoffice+ PDT enables you to achieve whiter teeth while protecting your teeth and gums. Polaoffice+ only requires a thin layer to be applied and can be easily cleared away, which minimizes your total time at our office to 60 minutes.

Take Home Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a simple procedure aimed at enhancing the beauty of your smile.  If you are not happy with the color or shade of your teeth, bleach systems can be used to decrease stains in the tooth itself. There will be two appointments: (1) impressions will be taken of your mouth so we can custom make whitening trays and (2) whitening trays will be tried, adjustments will be done as needed, and instructions for whitening will be provided.

Depending on the amount of whitening that is desired, whitening gels and trays can be worn as little as 30 minutes twice a day, or overnight. It is important to note that whitening gels only work on natural tooth structure. Crowns and fillings may need to be replaced if their shade is not appropriate. Some patients experience tooth sensitivity while undergoing whitening treatments, however sensitivity tends to decrease after treatment is completed.